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DNA Sequencing and Oligonucleotides Synthesis

Head: Doctor Robert Gromadka


Our laboratory has strong competence in classical and molecular genetics. We are experts in DNA sequencing, assembly of sequences and informatics interpretation of the data. We have successfully sequenced thousands of PCR products, plasmids, and BACs. Our DNA sequencing services are highly rated for their turnaround time, quality of results, and competitive prices. offers:

  • Next Generation Sequencing: ( is pleased to offer GS FLX (454) Roche technology).
  • DNA Sequencing from Purified Templates: We sequence extracted templates using either stock universal primers or custom primers.
  • Plasmid Extraction and DNA Sequencing from Bacterial Cultures.
  • Custom Projects: We can design and optimise PCRs for sequences or produce finished genomic sequencing.
  • The Capillary Separation Service It requires the customer to prepare and clean their product before sending it to us. We run prepared and cleaned reaction, sequencing and genotyping.
  • Synthesis. We synthesizes standard DNA or fluorescent tagged oligomers.


  • GS FLX (454) Roche
  • Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzers and 3730/xl DNA Analyzers with the latest chemistries and special chemistries on request
  • ABI 3900 synthesizer.
  • Dr. Oligo synthesizer

Research activities:
Our laboratory has been involved in the European Community projects on yeast genome sequencing (chromosome II and X) and on the functional analysis of yeast genes (EUROFAN), in a pilot project of sequencing the Paramecium tetraurelia genome as a partner of the European Group of Research (Groupement de Recherches Européen or GDRE) called "Paramecium Genomics". We isolated and sequenced the largest, megabase, somatic chromosome in order to explore its organization and gene content.
Currently the laboratory is involved in National Project Sequencing of Potato's Genome, as a participant of international consortium Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium (PGSC).