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Tissue Culture Facility

Head: Doctor Ewa Szołajska
Staff: M.Sc. Małgorzata Białoskórska

Research conducted by five teams concernes the following areas:

DNA repair systems and lipid peroxidation in genome stability and cellular aging

(group of Prof. Barbara Tudek, Department of Molecular Biology).

Proteomic analysis of intracellular S-nitrosylation under physiological and pathophysiological conditions

(group of Dr. Aleksandra Wysłouch-Cieszyńska, Department of Biophysics).

Overexpression of recombinant Zeta, a pSM19035 plasmid-encoded toxin in mammalian cells

(group of Dr. Urszula Zielenkiewicz, Department of Microbiological Biochemistry).

Role of human AlkB homologous on DNA repair, RNA modifications and genome stability in the human cell lines

(group of Prof. Elżbieta Grzesiuk, Department of Molecular Biology).

The use of adenovirus dodecahedron, as a vector for the intracellular delivery of therapeutic factors
(group of Dr. E. Szołajska, Department of Protein Biosynthesis).